whimsical WEDNESDAY

1.) The Gardener Bookmark: I love these bookmarks. Instead of having the usual bookmark tassel sticking out of your book, you can create a little gardening scene. You can then enjoy looking at the book as much when it is closed as when it is open.

2.) Squirrelcup Mini-print: Just because it would be cute, and a little frightening to find a squirrel staring up at you from the bottom of your coffee cup. After the initial scream, I would probably ooh and aah and feed it a crumb of my toast.

3.) Charles Eames as a Log Print: The answer to our burning question of what Charles Eames would look like as wood.

4.) Put It Here Hook: I picture this as the last hook you pass before leaving the house. It could hold keys, an umbrella, or a lunch sack. "Hey! You forgot this!" yells the disturbing hand poking out of the wall. "Wow, thanks, Mr. Hand. Where would I be without you?" you say as you grab the forgotten item, flash the hand a smile and wink, and head out the door to your salsa lesson.

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