the brand spanking new WEEKLY SCHEDULE

A little organization never hurt anyone and it's certainly not going to hurt Crooked Shmooked. It is time to bring a little bit of structure into the Crooked Shmooked week. Sure, I have a fun time just dumping whatever I feel like onto the screen, but I think there is something wonderful about being able to expect certain things on certain days. Instead of having to visit three different days for links, you can just hop on over to Friday to get the links of the week. And instead of wading through posts about animals-themed-anything and silly gadgets, you can just say hello to Whimsical Wednesday. Oh sure, there will be other posts here and there if I feel like certain subjects are so amazing and momentous that they deserve their own spot, but those will just be the cherries on top of the weekly schedule. So without further ado, here is what you can expect to find on Crooked Shmooked, Monday through Friday, starting next week:

_____ MONDAYS: Monday has been left open because I want to know what YOU want to see on Monday. Is there anything you want to see more of or anything you want to see any of? Please share your ideas. And if the rest of the week quenches all of your weekly desires, Monday will remain a free for all day until further notice. And of course, I am always open to hosting giveaways *hint, hint*.

SMITTEN TUESDAYS: Tuesday is the official Smitten Kitten day. I am often smitten with Etsy shops, themes, fashion designers, colors, and, of course, kittens. This is where I will share what has me smitten for the week. No rules apply. If I'm smitten with dinosaurs one week, just bear with me and hold on until next week when I am destined to be smitten with something a little more cutesy.

WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAYS: Wednesday is the day that I get to share all of the silly, cute, impractical although somehow justified-to-be-practical goods that make me smile and wish I had a budget just for animal-themed jewelry and usb storage devices that look like Yoda.

INSPIRATION THURSDAYS: Thursday is all about whatever inspires me- whether it be a room, home decor, art, a fancy Anthropologie dress, or even a new color discovery- it will be shared and will hopefully inspire you as well.

LINK UP FRIDAYS: Friday is all about free art, contests, sales, diy projects, fonts, new blog discoveries, and anything and everything else that must be shared. There is too much available across the blogosphere and internet not to give you a Link Friday. It's time for my saved links to say goodbye to their bookmarked folder and hello to you.

So there you go! Change is coming to Crooked Shmooked and hopefully it will be a change that makes you smile and encourages the organizational freak inside of you to purr.

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