Ruthi Auda: Ruthi is a friend of a friend. She is one of the stylists for Anthropologie. You know those amazing and ridiculously detailed displays within the store and behind the storefront windows? Yeah- she does those. Best job EVER. I have always said I could live in Anthropologie... but maybe I should just have Ruthi come and design my home.

fonts for peas: Have you ever wanted to see your handwriting as a font? I'll admit, I've considered it, but part of the fun of using fonts is that they are so much prettier than my inconsistent chicken-scrawl handwriting. If you are willing to share your handwriting, great or small, with the world, head on over to Kevin and Amanda's blog to participate in fonts for peas. (found via oh, hello friend)

Lukas VanDyke Fine Art Photography: Lukas and I went to college together and I have long been a fan of his photography. I wish I had him shoot my wedding, but we won't go into all the things I wish I had done for my wedding... My little sister, on the other hand, has gorgeous wedding photos from Lukas. His photography truly is art. He captures all the little moments and details others may not notice and manages to make any person he photographs look 100% photogenic. Someday, Lukas, I will find a need for your photography- even if I have to pull one out of thin air.

Indie Fixx's 3rd Anniversary Contest: Happy 3rd anniversary to Indie Fixx and happy contest to us! Jen has four amazing prize bundles ready for the giveaway, donated by some amazing artists. You can comment four times a day and the contest closes on August 20th, so get on over there and get your comments in!

DIY Baby Food Jar Chandelier: Thank you, Natural Home Magazine. With all of the DIY chandeliers floating around the internet these day, you'll never have to buy one again! This is one of my favorites so far because I love the two levels. I'd definitely make it without all the little wire curlies though.

Happy Friday, friends! Have a wonderful back-to-school weekend!


Family Of 5 said...

Could it be that I finally have a great use for all those baby food jars lying around????

Lukas VanDyke said...


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