the black apple PACKING TAPE

Official Black Apple Packing Tape

The Black Apple just added packing tape to their store today. One of my favorite Etsy artists plus decorative tape?! Simply amazing. And yes, I am spending my evening window shopping through Etsy. Hubby and I started to watch The Soloist, but he conked out after 20 minutes, so now I am waiting for him to nap and then wake up so we can continue the movie. Welcome to my hoppin' Saturday night. ; )


Family Of 5 said...

I love her dolls, and tried to make a few. They turned out cute, and I gave them as gifts to some friends little girls!

j.US.t chatter said...

did you ever finish 'the soloist'? we watched it last night- not what i was expecting, but there were certain parts i really enjoyed. :)

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