HOMAKO makes me smile

Homako is filled with beautiful and inventive fabric necklaces and other little tidbits. I can just imagine this sweet girl smiling at her sewing machine in Japan as she creates each item. And as her Etsy shop says:

To create stuff make me so Happy..
I want my friends(=my creations) makes you happy too!!!!!!
If you have any question,free to ask me!(even if you just say HI! to me I will be happy!)Iwould love to talk to you!!hehehe

See? Now hasn't she already made you happy?


blue moss said...

i agree....happy :)

Waxy said...

That first necklace definitely made me smile!!!

rachel said...

Funny thing, I've been on the hunt the last couple days to find fabric necklaces. Thanks for sharing!

MissBliss said...

Yes! happy.

Loving your blog :)

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