smitten with VINTAGE TINS

Floral Tin

Vintage Brazillian Vanity Tin

Vintage Tin Breadbox

Vintage Floral TIN / Canister - Made in Holland

FARM Homestead TIN CANISTER Vintage Container Made in ENGLAND

Vintage Green Tin Bread Box

Vintage Tin Canister floral inlay copper metal kitchen retro with lid cream color

My Etsy favorites list is always filled with vintage tins. I have dreams of owning a vintage tin collection to store teas and such in. The collection has not yet been started, but someday there will be a variety of floral, turquoise, and pastel patterned tins sitting atop my china cabinet. And when that happens, you will be the first to know... if the world has not moved onto bigger and better forms of technology by then.


adaptive reUse said...

You've picked some really gorgeous ones! It's surprising just how many are available on Etsy. I have a hard time resisting them myself. I especially like the ones from England. They are always so fab.

Kate said...

I like the third one! I know if I bought tins they would just collect dust in my bedroom. They are so cute to look at though!

oath said...

Wow! Very good blog! I love vintage biscuit tin.

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