mail call: IKEA 2010

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful August weekend! Mine was very uneventful, but the new IKEA mag did throw a little bit of fun daydreaming into the days.

I got my IKEA 2010 mag in the mail Friday and hubby and I have already discussed things we might want to add to the house once our life-long, tear-your-hair-out remodel is done. We have never shopped at IKEA because it's a 2 hr drive to get there and really, we never realized how insanely inexpensive it is. But now that the whole world has alerted us to the joys of shopping at IKEA, we will have to make a trip someday soon (maybe my October birthday?)... possibly for some of these things:

We are planning on selling our brown "What were we thinking? This isn't even our style" couch that we bought right after getting married, and buying a new, much more practical and appealing couch. This is one of the options. I have seen this in both green and a gray/white stripe and prefer both of those to the white, but they are nowhere to be found on the site...

We initially wanted white floor in the kitchen, but after looking at all of the options, we decided they would be too expensive. This definitely isn't expensive. Has anyone used their Tundra floors before?

I don't think hubby is on board with the hanging seat craze, but they look so fun and quirky to me... and a little like having part of a swingset in your house, and who doesn't want that?

I'm not actually considering this, but is it not almost exactly the same as the chair the kids are sitting in in Sleepless in Seattle? Methinks so. It would be terribly fun for a kid's room. (Speaking of Sleepless in Seattle... a Broadways musical in the works? Veeery iiinteresting.)

Do you shop at IKEA? What are your thoughts about it?


Erin said...

I live a few miles from the Seattle IKEA, so we go there pretty frequently. A few tips - if you do your research and you decide you do want to buy furniture, you should rent a U-Haul or borrow someone's pick up. Even though everything requires assembly, those boxes are BIG. Before you buy anything, look in the As-Is section. We found a $120 painting there we were going to buy for full price for $80, just because someone returned it. There were no scratches or scrapes or problems with it at all. Brace yourself - everything IKEA makes is particle board, so it weighs a gazillion pounds. That said, we got a PAX closet system that has helped tremendously, one of those open book cases with the square shaped holes, which I love, a Poang chair, which is super comfortable, hanging shelves to house our billion shoes, and a cute stuffed bulldog for Andrew and Sara. You'll find some amazing deals, and it will all look good for awhile, but it is kinda cheaply made, so don't expect it to be a piece you pass down to your children.

Family Of 5 said...

I will be heading down soon to pick out bedding for the kids new bunkbeds. I love IKEA, and love it that they now have more variance to their style. I am not a fan of modern, and they are making things now that suit my style....

Heidi Jo said...

Erin- Thanks for all the info!

Ang- Fun! And I agree. I'm not terribly into modern either, so it's nice to see some more traditional styles being thrown in.

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