you can't be SERIOUS

I love when I find a new blog and get to spend time catching up on all of the goodness wrapped inside of it. This morning I was making my way through Flickr when I saw that one of my contacts, poppy smiles, has a beautiful blog named You Can't Be Serious. She is so ridiculously creative with everything she does. Whether it's from street art with her kids to a mini movie made from one of her engagement sessions to her amazing photography to the clay animation she helped her daughter put together- it is all art and it is all lovely. And I am completely serious.

Is it just me or does everyone from Australia seem way cooler than us Americans? No offense, America.


Amy said...

Yeah...seems most people are cooler than us... :-P

The Husband said...

It seems like New Zealanders are cooler than Australians. And Welsh/Germans are cooler than both, but not if they live in America, it seems. Doesn't it seem like I love your mind, for heavens' sakes?! Yes, it seems so.

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