aaron & lauren's WEDDING

Who: My college roommate and her betrothed

Where: Portefleur Estate in La Habra Heights

The Story: On Thursday I decided I wasn't feeling well enough to make the trip to SoCal. Friday I changed my mind and decided I would tough it out. Friday evening I decided it wasn't wise to go. And Friday evening at 10 o'clock I decided once and for all that I didn't want to miss my college roommate's wedding. Saturday morning we took off at 6:30am to arrive in SoCal at noon for a quick costume change at hubby's uncle and aunt's and then we drove straight to the wedding in La Habra Heights. It was beautiful. Lauren was beautiful. I had a great time. Indecision turned into the right decision.

Highlights: professionals doing silhouettes of the guests for the guest book and to take home, a classical guitarist, the speakers blowing out during dancing and the guests singing new songs and continuing to dance- then a guest pulling out a guitar to fill in until the speakers were up again, being reunited with two dear college friends for the first time in three years!

A small taste of the improv singing:


jasonmarkjones said...

can we see the finished silhouettes? please :)

Heidi Jo said...

Ha... I didn't take a photo of them at the wedding so I didn't have it ready to put up when I was posting yesterday, but since you asked nicely I'll take a photo and post it later today.

jasonmarkjones said...

nice! makes me want to go to Disneyland and get Marta and my silhouettes cut...I'm so impressed people can do that freehand.

Heidi Jo said...

Yeah. The Disneyland ones are probably the best. The silhouettes you did of you and Marta are great though. You don't need Disneyland.

Laina said...

Lauren looks so beautiful! I'm surprised you haven't seen each other in all this time! Who did she marry?

Heidi Jo said...

Laina- Yeah... it's pretty crazy. She married a guy from her church. I met him for the first time at the wedding. He seems like a sweetheart and they are adorable together.

Shannon said...

i totally shot a wedding there! one of my favorite weddings ever. how fun! http://shannonleith.blogspot.com/2008/06/jacquelyn-and-matts-wedding-at.html

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