a WEST ELM mystery

Yesterday I finally got around to looking at the magazines that have been waiting for me since I got back. As I was looking through West Elm's May 09 magazine, I came across a page that had already been written on:

At first, I thought it was part of the magazine until I saw that the ink was shining differently in the light (Nancy Drew skills)... I know, I was thinking it would be a very strange addition as well. Then once I figured out it was ink, I thought somehow I had gotten a magazine that someone at the distribution center had written in before mailing. That also struck me as strange. I decided to flip through the rest of the magazine to see if there was anymore writing. The next note tipped me off. Hubby had gotten to the mag before me! Hubby has so many different ways he writes, I can't always tell it's his writing. I confronted him last night and he said he had looked at it at 4 in the morning while he was waiting for his coffee to brew. He cracks me up.

I definitely like this idea to create an entry. We don't have an actual entryway and have been brainstorming ways to create one. We've played around with the idea of a bookcase, and I definitely like this one. The only problem I see is that while it will look nice on one side, the other side will be the backs of all the books. 

The first purchase hubby and I made with our wedding money was a brown couch. Unfortunately we didn't think it through enough and are now stuck with a patterned brown couch with big brass studs up the arms. It is definitely not a neutral or classic style and I already want to get rid of it. Hubby and I always discuss what couch we "should have" bought. A couch with a pull-out bed like this would be perfect since we have so many out-of-town friends we want to keep our home open to. Someday...

And the lamp-- I love it! I saw this photo in Apartment Therapy this morning as I was continuing through the posts I have to catch up on (I have 700+ left...). I love the style of this room and the colors and that lamp looks perfect. I'm thinking it will have to find a place in our home.

...I guess I will have to leave my magazines out for hubby to find more often!


Family Of 5 said...

Stagger the books. Face one toward you and one away! That way you can see bindings in any direction!

Erin said...

We have a bookcase like that from IKEA, and I love it. We also considered using it as a seperator between two rooms, and I worried about the back of the books look. So, we didn't do it. But, options for making it "both side friendly" could include putting books laying down, so at least there is a cover to look at, alternating cubes with books and pretty vases or milk glass, or, (ours is really deep) putting books on both sides so the not spine sides meet in the middle and there are spines on the outsides both ways. This would, of course, depend on the size of your books. Or you could prop fun artwork up against the boring sides, or alternate spines toward entry spines toward living room in each cube...really, there are lots of ways to make it work I think is what I am trying to say (in 2000 words or less)

Heidi Jo said...

Yay! Great ideas! Thanks to you both!

Rachel Follett said...

Great ideas and I just adore that bedroom!

jess said...

We have that bookcase except the smaller 3x4 cubes in chocolate and we've used it as an entryway piece before. We've had some books and nic-nacs in it, with a couch or chair on the other side so you don't see the back of the pieces. We're currently using it as a room divider on the back of a loveseat (email me for a pic if you wanna see).... I don't mind seeing the books or whatever.

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