here comes the WEEKEND!

My plans are as follows:
a.) going to see UP with hubby this afternoon-- very excited about this... bringing a hanky
b.) watching my sister's college singing ensemble tonight
c.) saying goodbye to my little sister as she travels back to her SoCal home-- sadness to follow
d.) driving to SoCal tomorrow for my college roommate's wedding... gotta love I-5
e.) driving back to NorCal early Sunday morning
f.) sleep-- hopefully there will also be sleep in between some of the aforementioned activities

What are your plans?


knack said...

happy weekend friend! xo

Laina said...

Still loving that your blogging is up and running again!
Is it Lauren's wedding?
Post pictures!

Heidi Jo said...

Thanks, Laina! Yep- Lauren's wedding. I'll be posting a few photos later!

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