pastel PIANO


A light blue piano. Who would have ever thought to paint their piano light blue? Not me. I inherited a piano from my grandma that is an orangey wood and I am definitely planning to paint it. I'm thinking of either going white or gray because they are more neutral than, say, a light blue piano and I have the tendency to change my tastes too often to commit to a brighter color. But I'll tell you the truth... I am loving this color... and this room.


knack said...

we just got a piano fro free not too long ago and I have been tempted to paint it ever since it stepped foot in my home........now you've really done it....:)

Love it!

Heidi Jo said...

Barb- how about I let you do it first and then you can tell me if it's going to be ridiculously hard for me to do. ; )

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