FRIDAY'S five cravings

1.) a maxi dress for every day of the year :
I just bought one from Forever 21 and am in love. It is ridiculously comfortable and makes me feel instantly glamorous. I could live in maxi dresses for the rest of my life and be deliriously happy... well, until they are completely out of style. You know how it is.

I recently got bit by the traveling bug and love the idea of driving a home away from home around with you wherever you go (within the continental United States, obviously). And I won't pretend that I haven't already starting dreaming about decorating one.

3.) lockers for home storage :
Hubby's comments when I shared my desires, "Not someone's stinky old locker!" I will disinfect and beautify it, of course. I can't help myself; I am constantly searching Craigslist's free section for them. No luck as of yet.

I have been terrible at keeping a journal ever since I left high school. I've done maybe 10 entries in the last 8 years. I think the idea of having only 5 lines to sum up your day is amazing. It's not nearly as intimidating.

5.) a picnic at the beach... or anywhere :
Wednesday it was my plan for hubby and I to go to the beach for a picnic. We checked the forecast... and decided that a picnic on the back of my parent's property would be just as lovely. Hubby cooked up some amazing shrimp scampi, asparagus, corn on the cob, and brown rice. We packed our plates and headed outdoors only to have me dart back inside. It was freeeezing! But looking at the weekend forecast, I think the weather is in my favor. C'mon sunshine!

So friends, what delights are you craving right now?

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blue moss said...

i JUST decided that i needed a maxi dress too....my husband and i spent the day in charleston and i saw a million expensive ones....but then we went to target and i found one i loved for 19.99....think i will live in it :)
and i love the idea of a 5 year diary...you're right...so much less intimidating...i may have to get one now!

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