TODAY i'm...

AVOIDING: outside- gotta do right by my allergies
DREAMING OF: buying a house
DRINKING: water and aloe vera juice
EATING: banana with almond butter, oven-baked sweet potato
LISTENING TO: the hum of my air purifier and birds chirping outside
WATCHING: Friends- Season 9
WEARING: American Apparel Corduroy West Coast Shorts in Dark Grey, GAP v-neck pocket tee in Split Pea Soup Green (that's what it looks like to me), brown Dior glasses, and naked feet
WORKING ON: lots of fun health insurance stuff

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my little prego sister coming tomorrow!


Pattie said...

Yesterday I ate a purple sweet potatoe....Sooo good :)

Hope you have fun today!

Kristen said...

1) What a cute little house! 2) I can't believe those shorts are "unisex"!

Kristen said...

3) Haha, I just realized my dad's uncle wears shorts just like that! I'm sure they're MUCH cuter on you, though. He doesn't have your legs, lol :)

Heidi Jo said...

Ha ha... thanks, Kristen. Yes... scarily enough, I have seen other men wearing shorts like that too.

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