When my grandma passed away this last summer, I inherited a dining set and matching hutch. I assumed the furniture was something from the 1950's, but didn't think to look into it any further. Well, today when reading my way through the Apartment Therapy posts I have stacked up in Google Reader, I recognized some similar furniture from one of their New York Scavenger posts. As I searched out "Danish Modern Brasilia" in Google, I found my exact dining set and hutch made by Broyhill Brasilia. It's exciting to learn that these pieces are actually sought out by people, even though I have no plans at all to part with them. Mystery solved! I had plans to paint the pieces, but is it fair to assume I would be tarred and feathered by purists if I did so? I don't think I want to paint them now knowing what they are. But the fabric on the chairs doesn't match my kitchen at all. Can I at least change that? What do you think?


Broyhill Brasilia done right! That is my exact dining set in the back. It is a huge table with 2 leaves and has 4 chairs and 2 armchairs. A perfect Thanksgiving table... and it always was.


My exact hutch.

The photos are not of my pieces as mine are hidden under drop cloths in our living room right now. Oh, the joys of remodeling.


Family Of 5 said...

Grandma would be glad that you are enjoying them! Good thing you found that article before painting them. (Although it would be super cool to see them in some great color...)
I am attempting to paint the dresser that I got from the house. We will see. I want it black!

knack said...

ok...these are fantastic ....and even though I'm the huge painter that I am, I would say these are an heirloom and in great shape .....two reasons that keep me from painting things! I think you are right to leave them as is, but totally recover the chairs with a fun fabric if you want.......just my little two cents!

Grandmom has great taste! xoxo

Heidi Jo said...

Ang- I can't wait to see it! I have a dresser from grandma's that I'm going to paint. Not sure what color yet.

Barb- I was looking forward to your input since you are the wonderful furniture painter. I agree. I think I will definitely recover the chairs, but keep the wood as is. : )

Kristen said...

Those are great! If they're in good shape, I understand not painting them. Changing the fabric though - that would be a great update (in my opinion). How fun to find that article!

Chris said...

Does anyone know the value of this collection?

Anonymous said...

I recently purchase the exact hutch at a thrift store yesterday for $30.
At first the lady wanted $45., but I held old and got it for less! Anyway, when I got it home I noticed the label in the drawer and decided to do a google search. I was amazed to see that this Broyhill Brasilia line happens to be a collectible and is commanding a hefty price! This piece was going for over a $1000. alone! If you want, you can find more of it on Ebay too!

Anonymous said...

You might have already recovered the seats by now as this is an old line. If not and the upholstery happens to be a gold checkerboard pattern with birds in every other check then I'd maybe keep it as it is original to the set. If you don't like it you might be able to sell the seats to a more die hard collector by trading out the seats. Then recover those.

Chris, the value goes up and down with this stuff. I depends on where you are, too. On the coasts it seems to cost about double what you'll pay for the same piece in say Kansas City. Also, it depends on whether you are buying from a shop that has to pay for its building, or from an individual. Look on Ebay, but knock that "buy it now" price in half.

I wouldn't paint them, but I'm a guy. Guys hardly ever want to paint over wood if it looks ok. You didn't inherit a gold mine but maybe your kids (or their kids) will.

furnishmevintage said...

Just listed this Brasilia Modular Bookcase 2-piece unit. It's in excellent condition.http://cgi.ebay.com/Broyhill-Brasilia-2-Piece-Modular-Bookcase-/250674717143?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a5d60a1d7

Ann said...

I have that dining room set from early marriage, it is now 46 years old! When we moved the house we are in now I recovered the seats but the original fabric is still under the new. I am thinking of removing the new fabric.


Rhan Vintage said...

Oh my, you are one lucky girl! The Brasilia collection is indeed highly coveted and valuable. Don't paint them. Ok to change upholstery but a slight shame if it's original and in good condition. I hear ya though if it doesn't match with anything. How fantastic that these were passed down from your grandmother!

After years of looking and never thinking I'd be able to find my own Brasilia I just happened across a dresser and nightstand set. I'm driving more than 3 hours one way to pick them up! I know people that have driven out of state though so my story is not so bad. Thanks for sharing this post!

Jessica said...

I just purchased a set that already had the top painted black with the seats reupholstered in black vinyl. I think it looks great, but I'm not a purist: )You can see how it could potentially look here (please ignore the yellow walls and bare decor, I just moved in):

sunyinfla said...

I just found out last night, quite by accident, that my not so liked bedroom furniture is Broyhill Brasiila. I have a queen headboard, 9 drawer dresser and landscape mirror. All in pretty goodshape. Now, to find a buyer..........

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