I just discovered The Selby through Teegan Photography's blog. Todd Selby has entered artist's lives and photographed them for all to see. I love how nothing is perfectly staged and how he captures what their spaces actually look like. Here are some of my favorites...

Matthew Eikelberger's everything:

Cindy Greene's... well, everything:

I could go on and on, so I will stop now. Each home and workspace is so unique and interesting. I love when a home perfectly reflects the owner. So much to take in!

Note: All of the houses that I chose are clean of any nude art, but some of the others contain images you may not want to see, so beware.


j.US.t chatter said...

i'll take 1 matthew spiral staircase & 1 bill/fanny breakfast nook, please! :D

knack said...

oh my....how wonderful! Thanks for sharing! xo

jasonmarkjones said...

rad. its a lot easier to get a glimpse inside of other people's lives that way than it is to snoop around their house and peak in. not that i've ever done that :)

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