never buy FRAMES again

I have had wallpaper on the brain ever since the amazing giveaway at decor8. Speaking of wallpaper, how ingenious is Frames by Graham & Brown? It would be perfect for the artistic child's room, an office, or really... anywhere. Imagine all the money you will save on frames after you buy Frames.


Allison said...

The interesting thing is that the toilet photo looks a lot like the toilet in my husband's grandmothers house... really. It is a 350 year old home in Germany and the toilet is seperate from the bath, as were most at that time. It is a funny little long and narrow hallway (about 25 feet or more) that leads to the toilet and a small sink. This photo remeinds me of this and made me smile.

knack said...

I totally love this paper, and had forgotten about it! Thanks for finding it !! :)

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