Gray Sparrow Dress by Makool & GOLD/RED via George Morgan's flickr

I just got the most wonderful news. Last month I entered the Color-Helper contest over at shelterrific and I just got an e-mail today telling me I won! I am so excited to use the Color-Helper in our remodel and am also horrified to see my house in this post for everyone to see. 

The Color-Helper is a small electronic device that scans the color of anything you want and then matches it with actual paint colors. It pulls from over 20,000 colors in its database and gives you the brand and color number so you know exactly what to buy. So as soon as it is in my hands, I am marching straight to Anthropologie to match all of the gorgeous colors within. Okay, maybe not, but it sure is exciting to know that I can paint my living room Tawny Garden Dress blue if I should so choose.


Erin said...

That dress is gorgeous! Wish I had a spare $198.

knack said...

okay..... I'm insanely jealous! I need one of these:)

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure whether I should congratulate or say how sorry i am---quite a conundrum when you win a contest for having the house most in need of TLC!

but i think i'll say congrats! and can't wait to hear about your adventures with such a fun gadget!

blue moss said...

congrats! what a fun thing to win....
...she's right, barb does need one of those! :)

the Husband said...

They should have just given you four of those gadgets... those other people just need a dose of Shmooked.

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