BOUQUETS of light

I was over looking at house tours on Design*Sponge, as I often am, and was walking through Tonje Holand's home with her when I spotted her beautiful Cherry Blossom lights from Graham & Green. I initially thought they must be a lamp, but when I headed over to Graham & Green, I found that they are actually branches of flowers you can stick anywhere- and they are quite affordable! I am loving the versatility that a branch of happily-lit flowers could bring. They could warm your living space, welcome a visitor into the guest room, or even surprise people in the bathroom. Or, here's a thought, give them to a friend for a holiday or as a "just because" gift in lieu of a real bouquet that will wilt! I almost have myself convinced...

Luckily for us, cherry blossoms aren't the only flowers lighting up their store.

I must say, it's a good thing Graham & Green isn't in the U.S. because if it was, I'd be in trouble. But don't let me stop you from getting in trouble. If you are looking to empty your pocketbook in a pretty place, go ahead- take a look... or order the mag and window-shop like me. ; )


A Straight Man said...

I want that.

knack said...

I think this was my favorite house tour out of all of them this week! I loved that first shot so much!

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