Happy Monday! It's a sunny Monday here in Northern California. It's the kind of Monday that makes me smile at the upcoming week and think of all the beautiful things I can accomplish. These Mondays don't come along very often, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

While on the subject of beautiful things to be accomplished, I have to share with you the loveliest of etsy shops- not only are the art, cards, and plaques inside it lovely, but the heart behind it is even lovelier. I have had a number of project8256 prints in my favorites folder for some time now. I probably saw the first print on etsy's front page at one time and I went straight to the shop and found that I could outfit a whole wall with the prints I love. Now just today I was looking through my favorites with the intention of pulling a bunch and doing a post on them when I stopped to read the profile of project8256. I am so glad I did.

Project8256 is a shop run by Amy Coldren and all of the proceeds (that's right- ALL) go to an adoption fund for her sister and brother-in-law who are trying to adopt 2 children from Ethiopia, and to AHOPE, an orphanage that cares for HIV-positive children. I love that while purchasing something enchanting for the home you can also be giving to the life of a child. That is something beautiful to accomplish.

All She Really Wanted Was A Polar Bear - Print

I can see a lot of life in you. - print

A Good Day - Print

i carry your heart print - pink
perfect for Valentine's Day!

After All - print

Also check out The Gathered Nest which is Katie and Michael's (Amy's sister and brother-in-law) shop. It has wonderful vintage treasures and again- all of the proceeds go to the adoptions.


knack said...

these are so great! What an awesome cause and purpose!

Hey did you get my email back about the blog .... I've been having some email troubles so just checking :) xoxo

j.US.t chatter said...

i checked them out on etsy. definitely found some favorites. and for such a good cause!

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