wear your WALLS on your LEGS

While looking at Urban Outfitter's tights collection, I was inspired to find matching wallpaper. So if you ever looked at your wallpaper and thought, "I wish I had tights like that" or looked in the mirror at your tights and thought, "If only they had this pattern for my walls," this post is for you.

wallpaper - tights

tights - wallpaper

wallpaper - tights

tights - wallpaper

wallpaper - tights

wallpaper - tights


Kristen said...

That was pretty much awesome. :) In a totally random way.

Design Lovely said...

I love this!

knack said...

fun, fun, fun! How very creative of you! I enjoyed this so much! xoxo

blue moss said...

love these

chelsea said...

I love interesting tights. These are great. Love your blog. Adding to my reader now:)

Natalie M.P. said...

what a great post!

great inspiration(:

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