a pretty home for your PRETTY JEWELRY

I am always in the market for a cute jewelry stand because there is a bit of an overflow problem with my jewelry box. This stand from who made it is just what I am looking for. It would be so cute sitting on top of a dresser in your room or closet. 

Or if you are a handy person (*cough* Barb *cough*), I am sure you could come up with a DIY version using thrifted plates, or mismatched plates from your own kitchen. I have a big 'ol list of things to paint, reupholster, and repurpose for our remodel/redecorating project, but I might just have to tack this to the end of it.


blue moss said...

cute cute cute

knack said...

hee hee!! You crack me up..... I'll work on this and you'll be the first to get one! :) they are fabulous!

Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

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Heidi Jo said...

Barb- You don't have to make me one (unless you REEEALLY want to), they just reminded me of something you would enjoy making. : )

Shuky Aharonovitch said...

Once I made one of these by myself! Out of bottle of water.

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