it's FRIDAY again

photo by me

It's another rainy weekend in Sonoma County, but we had a couple of beautiful, sunny days this week. They allowed me to hike around our property and capture some of the sunbathing flowers on film. Whatever the weather is where you are this weekend, I hope you enjoy the beauty of your friends, family and the world around you- wet or dry!


Family Of 5 said...

Please tell me that you are moving your stuff back into your place. I hear that its almost done!!! Get your butt in gear and decorate! I absolutely can't wait to see what you do with that place!

Anonymous said...

Oof--it rained all day yesterday here on the peninsula too. i'm hoping for a touch of sunshine this weekend. have a wonderful one and thanks for a week of great posts :)

Michelle said...

Oh we had perfect weather, had a bbq...it was bliss. I love your hair!

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