dreaming of a HOLIDAY

I've been having one of those days that makes me want to pack up and take a vacation (don't worry, hubby- you are coming too). It sounds nice to leave all our stuff and responsibilities at home and just spend a weekend... or week... or month away from it all. I'd bring a suitcase full of books and pack all of my comfiest clothes, my camera, Scrabble, and a picnic basket. We'd leave the laptops and DVDs at home and just relax. We'd read the days away, take walks in the country, nap on the lawn, make meals together, play games, look at the stars, and enjoy the simple life every day. We'd go to bed when we are tired rather than staying up to watch a movie or our show and wake up with the sun and the birds. We'd come home rested and refreshed. Doesn't that sound nice? I'm a little more relaxed even thinking about it. And the backdrop for my dreamy "holiday"? 

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I almost had to choose this home for it's pink-draped sunroom alone, but the entire space appeals to me, and it doesn't hurt that it's 41 miles from London, and has 13 acres of gardens and woodlands. Oh yes, I can see myself in it now...


Kristen said...

That sunroom. Yes.

It's like something from a story.

David Ower said...

I don't want to go to England. I want to stay in Tiger Salamander country... in love.

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