SWISS miss

I was reading Jay McCarroll's etsy wishlist and smiling at his random picks and comments when I saw the wildflower windmill print and fell in love. I don't know if it's the fact that my name is Heidi and with that comes all the "Heidi of the mountains" and "where's grandfather?" swiss jokes, but I am finding that I really enjoy the fresh swiss art and folksy items on Etsy. A wooden clog here and windmill print there and I may just start feeling like Heidi of the Alps! 

Sidenote: Hubby and I took our Jr. High youth group to San Francisco for an outreach to the homeless a couple of years ago. We were serving and working in a soup kitchen one day and I sat down at a table to talk to some of the people there. When I told one of the elderly men what my name was he told me that every time he thinks of the name Heidi, he thinks of the 1968 Jets vs. the Raiders game when they interrupted the game to broadcast the new Heidi movie. He was very disgruntled while telling me the sad tale, but finally cheered up and started sharing his gambling tips with me. Ha ha. Now, every time I think of the movie Heidi, I think of that man and his poor unhappy face.


blue moss said...

love all your picks....and the funny heidi story!

David of the Hill People said...

You've got the dutch touch, you alpine gal o' mine.

sikegami said...

I love the collections you put together! The art is my fave :)

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