nice to meet you, NAOKOSSTOOP

Meet one of my new etsy favorites, naokosstoop.
1. dream   2. Bird in a Cage   3. Good Night   4. Knitting   

and Happy December!


dwellings and decor said...

So adorable! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Great Blog!

sikegami said...

Heidi, I love this blog, it makes me want to curl up with tea and look at all the pretty treasures you find...oh wait, i already do that :)
I hope you feel better soon!
PS - you are so creative, have any thrifty homemade Christmas gift ideas?

Heidi Jo said...

Sarah- you're so cute! Thanks for the nice words. I feel better than before so that's always good. I don't know how many homemade Christmas gifts I am going to make because I've already gotten wishlists from people and there is nothing I can make from them... but ideas I like are homemade jewelry, reframing thrift store art, pillows (although that would be hard for you without a sewing machine), homemade mobiles, homemade truffles... Check the dollar store and see if anything inspires you. Sometimes the things they have there will surprise you. Good luck!! Gosh- I need to get started on my Christmas shopping too! I'll be checking sales, thrift stores, the dollar store, and vintage clothing stores.

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