my PRACTICAL christmas list

I was inspired to create my practical Christmas list by the stylish Anne at the city sage. I was afraid I'd end up with several very impractical things, but I think my list came out very practical, don't you?

T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer: I have had my dryer since college and I am pretty sure it is frying my hair to pieces. This one would be a hair luxury.
Sarah Pinto 2009 Weekly Planner: I haven't gotten a 2009 weekly planner yet and I love the cover and size of this one.
Lole Utopia Hooded Pullover in Raspberry: I have a shopping sickness that causes me to buy pretty, girly clothes that aren't usually everyday clothes, yet I love to hang out in comfy clothes like sweats. I am definitely due for another sweatshirt and if it can be in a berry color and have a flattering shape, I'm in.
MyChelle Cranberry Mud Mask: MyChelle is my skincare brand of choice, but I don't have everything I would like from the line. I tried a sample of this mud mask and loved it.
Bare Escentuals Be Grand Train Case: My Bare Escentuals make-up need a home and this is it.
Bodum Bora Bora Double Wall Glass Tea Press: I am a tea girl and would love to be able to brew a whole pot of tea instead of individual mugs. I am also a visual person, so watching the tea brew through the glass would be intriguing.
Keds Classic Canvas Champion Seasonal Colors in Loden Green: Somehow I have ended up with several pairs of slip-on tennies and I definitely need some that tie up so they are secure on my feet when I have a lot of walking to do. I love Keds and I love green, so these will do very well.

What's on your practical Christmas list?


Alison said...

First of all, way to go on wanting a new hair dryer...I got a new one last year and it changed my life (well, at least my hair). Second, Bare Escentuals is the only makeup I have worn since (I think) my first year of college. I love it. In fact, if you don't happen to get the one you want and are still in need of a carrier post Christmas, let me know. I have received more than my fair share of BE "gift sets" and may have one with your name on it. Third, get better, k?

Mrs.French said...

your momma should be so proud...practical indeed! I am a huge fan of the mychelle products! xo

Anonymous said...

LOVE this list! I have the same trouble---a closet full of girly dresses and I still end up wearing my husbands sweats! And I'm a big Keds fan but I'm anal about keeping my white ones clean. These lovely green beauties would let me relax my guard a little :)

Great finds as always m'dear!

Your Secret Santa said...

My regular Christmas list IS my PRACTICAL Christmas list. Why did you give me your impractical list & post this one for your blog-buddies? I am so confused right now...

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