show and tell: the CHRISTMAS LOOT

Santa (and by Santa, I mean my hubby and family) was good to me this year. I can't wait to be well enough to enjoy these gifts!

Row 1: Miss Monocle by The Brilliant Magpie, Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel from Urban Outfitters, Ash Canvas Toms, Joshua Radin: Simple Times
Row 2: Old Navy V-Neck Pocket Tees, Retro Falling Print by Jelly Beans, Singin' in the Rain DVD, Born Potion Boots
Row 3: Marled Fingerless Gloves from Urban Outfitters, Coldplay: Prospekt's March [EP], A Walking Snowstorm by The Brilliant Magpie, All Wired Up by Mark Lareau
Row 4: Keane: Perfect Symmetry, Authentic Lo Pro Vans, Signature Bootcut Hudson Jeans, What's Behind the Mask by The Brilliant Magpie

I also received an adorable owl ornament, book bag, and some jewelry from Baksheesh, one of my favorite stores ever. Only 3 of them exist, all in the wine country, but if you ever visit Healdsburg or Sonoma, you have to check them out. They are a free trade shop that sells beautiful and inexpensive jewelry, home decor, and musical instruments from Third World countries. Unique, inexpensive, and free trade- win, win, win.

One of my favorite crafted gifts was a creative memories book my sister made for me that goes through my and my hubby's dating, engagement, and then wedding. There were photos in it that I've never even seen before. It means so much because after 2+ years of marriage, we still haven't gotten wedding photos developed (long story about picking the wrong photographer). I love it.

All things considered, it was a very strange but blessed Christmas. And in light of being sick, I realized how little it mattered to me what I got, but that the important thing was the time with my family and love we all share. So even though I love my loot, it was my family that made this Christmas extra-special, and really- that's how it always should be. : )


Erin said...

How funny...Tim and I were just given the same "jelly bean tree" picture from some of our friends here! It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

What a fab haul! Love the jeans, and the whole new shoe wardrobe too!

And that special photo gift sounds amazing...the sort of thing you can enjoy again and again.

knackstudio said...

fantastic stuff!!

Still praying and hoping you feel better soon! xo

lily pottery said...

looks like you got some super fun stuff! yipppeeee! :)

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