smitten with RETRO BEAUTIES

Is there an era that you would rather live in than the present? I'm not sure that I would like to live in the 1920's per se, but I would love to live in the present with 1920's fashion. Lucky for me, that has become so much more of a reality in the last year as retro hats, feather hairbands, and feminine vintage dresses are so much easier to come by. I admire the classy beauty of the 1920's woman with red lips, pink cheeks, and a plethora of gorgeous hats, dresses, and going-out clothes. Etsy is full of these inspiring women and the ones I have included below are just a sampling of the beauties available. Take a look and dream of what the 1920's version of yourself would look like...

the art of Matou en Peluche
the dolls of Du Buh Du Designs
the jewelry of Persephone


sikegami said...

Take me to the 60's, please! I can't get enough of the cool shapes and colors and amazing eye lashes :)
I love the 20's, too and I'm enjoying the vibrant peacock feathers around, these days...I saw some cool things at Urban Outfitters yesterday, very cool perfume bottles.

Design Lovely said...

Love this post. So many lovelies!

Mrs.French said...

i love your posts and what you find to put together...xo

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