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Hubby and I were at Disneyland with his family over Thanksgiving weekend and somehow, we didn't end up going on the carousel which I think is a shame because I always love a good carousel ride. I love to find the prettiest horse or most bizarre animal and ride it dizzy. I saw the necklace below on the front page of etsy a few days ago and it inspired me to include all sorts of carousel-themed-goodness in this post. Here we go!Aboard the Carousel via Jacqleen Bleu

Swing Carousel Block Print Card via Nydam Press


sikegami said...

Wow, how whimsical, what a pretty post, those photographs are stunning!
We didn't get to ride the carousel either, but this post makes up for it :)

Mrs.French said...

beautiful post...love. that necklace has my name all over it..xo t

knackstudio said...

what an awesome post!! I totally love it;)

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you that I must have watched this movie at least a hundred times when I was a kid? And it's a toss-up between the carousel horse fox hunt and the dancing penguins as to which is my favourite part. But of course there's also the 'spoonful of sugar' scene, and the dancing chimney sweeps, and so on and so on. But that little fox shouting 'yoo haloo!' always tugs at my heartstrings.

What an incredibly blog you have Heidi Jo---I just discovered it and I'm in love! I think you and I should build a time machine so we can go back and visit all the gorgeous eras from which you pull inspiration. I have always thought I was born several decades too late, simply because I wish I lived in a time when hats and gloves were 'de rigeur'!

I saw you're in NorCal--we're neighbours! I live in Palo Alto with my husband...

Anyhoo, hope you're having a great weekend :)

blue moss said...

i love it all

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