I love when I travel to Etsy and find lovelies in the front page treasury. Lovelies I may never have found otherwise. Lovelies like roadside projects, art by Jayme McGowan. Her 3-D characters are found in a myriad of unpredictable and fairytale-like adventures. The following are prints of her work, but how much would you love to own one of her 3-D masterpieces? She also does custom family portraits. Check out her blog to see some of her custom pieces. You may be inspired to order one yourself!

(top L) Flying Umbrellas: So whimsical and Mary Poppins-esque
(top R) Accordion Music: This reminds me of my German grandfather who would get out his accordion at family gatherings every once and a while to play for us... such a sweet memory.
(bottom L) Windy on the Coast: I live 30 minutes from Bodega Bay and this epitomizes every day trip I have taken there- the quaint seaside homes and the cool (or cold, depending on the season) wind constantly in my face, throwing my hair about.
(bottom R) Flight By Kite: When flying kites as a child, didn't you always wish it would whisk you away? And don't you still? : )


blue moss said...

these are so great!
thanks for visiting me, too! i found you thru knack and had to click on crooked shmooked...who could resist a name like that??? so glad to find you!

David Ower said...

I like.

Roadside Projects said...

Thanks for the mention Heidi :)

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