nice to meet you, ALISON KENDALL

One of the best things about my favorite coffee shop, Flying Goat Coffee, (besides the amazing drinks and scones) is that once a month or so they fill the walls with art from a local Sonoma County artist. It makes standing in line that much more interesting and introduces their patrons to local talent. This last week they hung art from Alison Kendall. Her art is unlike anything they have had for a while. When I walked in for my soy chai latte (which is deliciosa), I immediately wanted half of the pieces. The colors are all soothing pastels, blues, greens and only happy colors, and her illustrations, often mixing nature and technology, are quirky and precise. Upon reading her bio, I learned she has her B.S. in Marine Biology and Master's in science illustration, which explains the precision of her sketches and constant presence of nature in her pieces. She is a very talented artist that I would love to introduce you to now:


Scuba polaroid

Wood divers


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Alison said...

I'll take the Hummingbird. Thanks.

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