in my own little CORNER

Hubby and I visited Petaluma last week and did some window shopping in the many antique stores. Some were cluttered, some were spacious, and one was set up in a way that you felt like you were walking through a museum or an art gallery. I took lots of pictures. This was my favorite corner. Can't you see this being a corner of your own sweet home?


Mrs.French said...

such beautiful photographs...sounds like a lovely time. xo

knackstudio said...

Hello there!! Thanks so much for all the great comments..... glad we found each other!! I'm a Northern California girl!! I grew up in Antioch ( my dad still pastors a church there) ....are you familiar with that area?

I absolutely love petaluma....believe it or not it was a trip up through the coast of CA (petaluma included) that inspired me to do what I do now!

Love your blog!! I'll put you in my link section.... I'll be back;)

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