SEBASTOPOL antique tour

I took a trip to a couple of our local Sebastopol antique shops the other day to see if there were any treasures waiting for me. Or actually, let me rephrase that. I went to see if there were any affordable treasures waiting for me. There are always treasures that are out of my price range. Here's a fraction of a tour for you:

This corner held tons of vintage signs, tins, clocks, and various other things.

These horses reminded me of my dear friend who collected horses as a little girl. 

One of the antique stores had a whole upstairs loft full of used and antique books. Too many to look through in a drive-by visit.

I loved these little bambis and mushrooms. But they were not on my list of things to look for. I had to stay focused.

My favorite objects to look at but not buy were these little peanut salt and pepper shakers. They are too funny. You tell me- what do their expressions mean? Are they about to be turned into peanut butter?

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