Hubby and I have been looking for art for our home for a few months now. We've looked on etsy, we've looked at local art, we've looked in antique stores, and thrift stores... and we are having a hard time finding something we both like that we can afford. We have expensive taste and it's a curse. We've found a couple of art pieces that we both liked and then we checked the price tag and it was.... ooook, well, someone else will enjoy that... maybe we can make our own art? I'm not sure I can make art for us, but when hubby doodles or takes notes on anything, it always looks like art to me. Like when he went on an Alaskan fishing trip last year, and left me a card he had drawn in for every day he was gone. This one was my favorite (excuse the terrible photography).

See? Isn't he talented (and precious)? I think he should take up painting or drawing. But that is not the point of this post. I have found some affordable and unique art on etsy that I want to share with you. It may not end up on my walls (depending on if hubby likes it also), but perhaps it will end up on yours.

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