I can't believe I haven't shared my most treasured antiquing find with you yet. Hubby and I found this embroidered animal alphabet at our favorite antique & salvage store in Sebastopol, Ray's Trading Co. It was our first time there and we saw this lovely amidst a pile of old frames and paintings in the very back of the store. We didn't buy it, but as the week went on, I thought about it more and more and how much I would love to have it in my home. We went on a mini-vacation and said that if it was there when we returned, we would buy it. I was nervous that someone else would fall in love with it and take it home while I was gone, but when we returned, it was just sitting and waiting in the pile for us. Almost all of the animals are missing their googly eyes, so it needs a little repair, but I am going to find some buttons or something less googly to restore their sight. This cheery piece of art is the inspiration for our eclectic guest room. I love the bright animals. I love that they chose a newt for the letter N. I love that the letter H is a hare rather than a horse. 

Price tag: $10

And in case you are wondering, there are animals that start with the letter X, but they are rather obscure and probably not commonly known to anyone who would have seen the alphabet. 

I know, quite a story for one embroidered animal alphabet. But I love those eyeless animals!


sikegami said...

Awesome, what a great find! I love the alphabet animated, too...why does "s" always have to be the snake? Sigh...couldn't it be a snow leopard or...wait, I cannot think of anything besides salmon and I really don't want it to be the salmon...lol. This is really, really cute, even with some eyes missing :)
Where did you go on vaca?

Mrs.French said...

fate...you and those eyeless animals are meant to be together. xo

Heidi Jo said...

It was back when we went on vacation to Clear Lake- back at the end of summer. I've been meaning to blog on my animal alphabet ever since then!

ofifteen said...

so cute.

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