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Have you noticed that I am an indecisive person? If not, I will tell you- I am an indecisive person. The things I planned for our house a year ago are a world apart from my ideas now. Remember the post I did detailing the nursery? Yeah... not happenin' anymore. I think I will just have to tell you what's going on as I do it so I don't fake you out again. So here is the actual nursery plan #1- the bedding. I just ordered this PB Kids Brooke Crib Quilt and Bedskirt (thanks, mom!). I also registered for a yellow gingham bumper at Target and then I am going to mix and match different patterned fitted sheets- dots, stripes, and flowers in all colors. Every crib bedding set I had seen so far and thought I might go with, I liiiiked, but this one that I ordered, I love!

It's so nice to be surrounded by things we love. My mother-in-law told me the verse "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" (James 1:17) reminds her that God gives us perfect gifts and so she doesn't buy anything unless she loves it. It may seem kind of silly, but it sticks with me and whenever I find the perfect thing on sale, I know it's a gift from God. : )


Family Of 5 said...

....and now the Pottery Barn addiction will begin. Once you start, you might not be able to stop....trust me... *Sigh*

blue moss said...

you have been so busy....i love what you ordered.... and i like your verse... :) so good to wait for the perfect thing
and....every perfect gift is from God!
hope you are feeling well

shannon leith said...

i am the same way!

which is why i have no rug in the main room and no curtains in my room. :) :) :)

any curtain ideas?
i kind of like these:

Anonymous said...

I almost got the exact same bedding! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I hope you have a smooth delivery. April is a great month to have a baby, I should know. I will check out the etsy shop you listed, I sell on etsy as well. Take care and God Bless.

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