i'm watching you, DOTTIE ANGEL

I discovered a new Etsy shop I will be watching like a hawk, dottie angel. She makes unique home decor, clothing, and such out of vintage scraps, lace, and fabrics. I was going through her sold list and found several things I wish I had been around to purchase. I don't know why I torture myself by looking at the things that have been sold. Oh well. I will watch and wait. And you should take a look too. Her product shots are so beautiful that I want to live in them.


sikegami said...

Oooh, I love that garland! What a fun project, don't you think, to make some lovely garland? Thanks for sharing!

Adria said...

Heidi: I adore you, your blog and Etsy. I blame you for my obsession with it. :) xoxo

Heidi Jo said...

Sarah- Definitely a fun project! Let me see pics if you do it!

Adria- I almost feel bad... but Etsy is wonderful, so I just can't. Hugs!

la fille fac├ętieuse said...

I know. I LOVE her shop! There is one pillow that I adore but is way too expensive for me to justify buying right now

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