I'm in the market for a glider/recliner. Apparently these are not easy chairs to come by for less than $1000 unless they look like huge, ugly marshmallows. I know, I know- how can a marshmallow be ugly? They are so soft and white and fluffy! If they are tan or brown or hunter green, have rolls on their little marshmallow bodies and form the shape of a chair that looks strangely like your grandparent's favorite easy chair- that is how they can be ugly. I don't know if that made any sense, but it did in my pregnant brain, so it remains. All that to say- all the glider/recliners I want are out of our price range. I could settle for a traditional wooden glider for the upcoming baby days of our life, but if we are going to invest in a glider, why not make it a comfortable and stylish glider/recliner that can live on in our living room for years to come? I'm looking for a Craigslist miracle!


Husband Shmusband said...

That yellow leather glider/recliner is perfect. Let's fast for a month and put our meal money towards it. Deal?

jess said...

you could have a glider shower... have the hostess ask for contributions as an option instead of other gifts. I've seen that before (especially if you have multiple showers such as family, church, etc.)

Lindsey M Nelson said...

In my humble opinion gliders are overrated. I opt for wearing the baby (or babies in my case ;) ) in a sling and having an Arms Reach cosleeper to keep baby handy for nighttime feedings. But good luck finding what you need!

Julia Michelle said...

I found a rocking cozy chair that looks similar to the one you have pictured but in a microfiber material and much better to look at. I found it by accident for $15 at the goodwill in petaluma, absolutely perfect condition! I love it and I'm sure I'll love it even more when I'm a mommy. I'll let you know if I see anything!

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