the best CRAIGSLIST freebie ever

Hubby and I check the craigslist freebies all the time. We'll e-mail each other a list of items we wouldn't mind picking up, but never take any action. This last Saturday, I was checking the craigslist freebies in the area, as usual, and saw a fabulous vintage O'Keefe & Merritt stove in Oakland. I told David about it, as usual, but this time- we took some action. We researched similar stoves and discovered that they are worth a pretty penny restored. So besides the fact that the stove would look perfect in my kitchen (the restored version in my head), it would be a good investment. Somehow, no one else contacted the couple, and we were promised the stove. We made the hour+ drive to Oakland and it is now sitting in our kitchen, waiting to be hooked up. This stove is, by far, the most amazing craigslist freebie I've ever come across and I am very excited to have it in our kitchen.


Family Of 5 said...

love to have something else to read in the morning with my cup o'joe.

sikegami said...

What a fun new blog to read! I love it! Your place is awesome and it will be cool to track all your progress. This stove is AMAZING! When we moved we needed to replace the stove and I saw stoves like yours on CL but they were too wide for what we needed...I am glad you could get one, for free, that's the best! I cannot wait to see more posts :)

David Ower said...

someday we will actually hook up the oven... I promise!

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