LIAM'S nursery

My friend's son's nursery was featured on Design*Sponge today. Not that I am surprised. I've watched the progress on the baby blog and it's amazing. I've never seen that color paint on a wall or anywhere before, but it's looks just perfect. Jason and Marta have awesome taste. Check the room out in more detail over here.


sikegami said...

It's adorable, what a bold color, I love the energy...their baby blog is really cute, too, such fantastic photography and his little shirt with the plaid chick is precious...will you be blogging your little one to come?

Heidi Jo said...

Yeah- I'll be blogging the nursery once it is finished (as in- when we live there again), and I'll at least blog a photo of Adelaide when she is born. We'll see how much my desires change when she enters the world, and when the house is "finished" (although decorating never ends). I'm curious to see where life will take my blogging topics.

jasonmarkjones said...

thanks Heidi!

we can't wait to see your little one! priorities definitely do shift...i remember when once upon a time we had the time for a weekly art night! however, i'm sure we will have art nights again in the future and it will be even more fun to see his creativity come out.

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