smitten with LIVING ETC.

Oh, how I wish Living Etc. was a U.S. based mag so it didn't cost as much as a book every month. Jess, one of my Lovely Package Exchange partners, lives in London and sent me the September issue of Living Etc. (Yay!) I am in love with that particular issue, but just in love with the mag in general. As I was flipping through it I felt at home with the styles and colors. I haven't connected to a mag like that since Domino. *tear* At least we can enjoy the Living Etc. site... until we all move on over to the other side of the pond.


blue moss said...

what a great present!!... i love all the uk mags
just last night i went to barnes and noble to see the sept fashion mags...could spend hours there (and lots of $$$$)

Waxy said...

US home mags are so bad.... :-(

oh, hello friend. said...


joanna of simple blueprint said...

oh great photos! great spaces.

just found you via gathering spriggs! cute blog!

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