give me a REASON

I need a reason to wear this dress. Unfortunately, hubby and I have no reason to be invited to black tie events... and this is obviously not wedding guest appropriate. It's probably better I have no reason to wear it... because that leaves me with no reason to buy it. 

Head over to Net-a-Porter for the Win Your Wishlist Contest. I have to admit that this dress may end up on my wishlist, and if I happen to win, I will FIND a reason to wear it.


Lindsey M Nelson said...

Do you say it's not wedding-guest appropriate because it is white? I think it could be lovely to wear to a very formal daytime wedding or a wedding where the bride opted for a color other than white. Maybe you should buy it and insist that your husband take you to the opera or opening night at the symphony or something. It really is lovely!

Lizzy said...

You should go on a cruise! You could totally wear this at one of the fancy dinners! : )

kate said...

Vacuum in it.

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