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Hi all! I know I have been disappearing for days at a time and the posting has been light lately, but it's just one of those times in life right now. I can't make any promises to return to daily posting at the moment, but I will definitely do what I can. And no matter what- this Friday I will be hosting my first Crooked Shmooked giveaway as it will be my first blogiversary! I'm very excited to offer some fun items in the giveaway from some of my favorite Etsians, so stay tuned!!

In other news- fall is coming! Design*Sponge recently did a post on these Leigh Radford's recycled glass covers. I just love the look of them for fall, but I am lacking in the knitting skills. So here is my own idea to copy the look with much less skill--- old sweater sleeves! 

1.) take an old sweater and a can or mason jar
2.) cut the sleeve a few inches longer than the jar, making sure that the wrist opening will be at the top of the jar
3.) sew (or staple or glue) the bottom of the sleeve together to make a pocket for the jar
4.) stick the jar in the sleeve pocket and there you go!

Now, I haven't tried this yet, so it may not be foolproof, but if you are in the mood for an experiment and have an old sweater on hand, give it a try and let me know how it goes. I plan to try it when I pull all of my fall sweaters out of storage and decide what can be disposed of. I will be sure to share with you then whether it works or needs a bit of revision.

Happy last two weeks of summer!!

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blue moss said...

love that look....and what a great idea with the sweater sleeves...thanks for sharing.
about the bensimon sneakers....i don't know if you are interested, but i had grabbed some for my sister too, but got the wrong size. so, i called them and they are sending me 2 pairs and they only charged $7 for shipping. i thought that 2 pairs for 27 was still a great deal. anyway, i just had to give them my credit card number. here is the charlotte uo phone # 704.366.7497
if you are interested :) you dont have to publish this if you dont want to since i have gone on and on. ....and i do love my new shoes :)
i hope you are feeling good...you are in my prayers (and i am not just saying that)

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