My to do list for this weekend is as follows:
1.) Finish cleaning out and organizing the shed!
2.) Convince hubby to prep one of our many pieces of furniture that need to be painted.

...aaaaand that is all. I can think of a million other things I'd like to accomplish, but realistically, I can probably only finish one thing besides keeping the little one happy and occupied.

What are your plans for this weekend?

P.S. I dream of having tiny his and hers sheds like Artemis and Nao. How inspiring.
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Hubby said...

Hubby's weekend list:

Mow the lawn
Write a paper
See if I can convince wifey to ease up with the weekend lists

For heaven sakes! I need a blog just to hint at my own plans!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's the way - a small list! I often find writing a DONE list is therapeutic too!!
Love your bloke's list! LOL

Jackie said...

Small lists are always the way to go. I am simply hoping to get our laundry caught up this weekend. It is amazing how much laundry gathers for 6 people through the week.

Lorna Smith said...

a hubbys work is never done.

The best bit about a list is the ticking off. I had a busy weekend and got lots done, but pooped now :O)

small + friendly said...

Hooray for tiny lists ... around here they are the only kind that get done. It can be so easy to pile on the projects and forget to relax.

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