how to make the most HIDEOUS BANANA BITES ever.

1.) Spend all of your free time on Pinterest.
2.) Spy a photo of delectable chocolate covered banana bites. Repin it.
3.) Decide that you don't need to actually go to the tutorial because you've got brains that you think can figure out how to make your own beautiful banana bites.
4.) Take 2 bananas and cut them into 1" slices.
5.) Take your enormous Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar and break it into pieces in a bowl, then microwave until melted.
6.) Try to figure out what the best way to dip bananas into melted chocolate is... spoon? knife? lollipop stick? chopstick? fingers? fork? Fork it is.
7.) Stab a banana slice with the fork and drown it in the melted chocolate until it is completely covered.
8.) Drop the gooey mess onto a cookie sheet or plate lined with parchment paper.
9.) Swirl some chocolate over the fork piercings left in your banana bite.
10.) Repeat steps 4 through 9 until you are out of bananas.
11.) Realize that you have a ton of chocolate left and start carelessly globbing it onto the already chocolate-covered banana bites.
13.) Realize that the bites are as chocolately as possible but you still have a bit of chocolate left and decide you are a confectionary wizard and can surely make a peanut butter cup with no instructions. Proceed to put a glob of chocolate on the parchment paper, slap a spoonful of peanut butter on top of it, and cover it with chocolate. Then notice that the peanut butter is melting and throw more chocolate on until you realize it is hopeless.
14.) Clean the bowl with your finger and lick the remaining chocolate off.
15.) Stick your hideous treats in the freezer until the chocolate is solid and devour them yourself because they are too ugly to share with anyone else.

And that is how I spent my Tuesday night. See what happens when you go to bed early, husband?


Cassandra said...

Hello Heidi, and thank you for the post on my blog! I was so excited to hear from you because I used to read you religiously. I stopped reading at around the time Adelaide was born (and you took an understandable hiatus), and school got in the way and everything, but I look forward to catching up on the posts! Thanks for your comment, and I hope you have a lovely afternoon :)

The Husband said...

Step 27- stay up til 1 AM at least so you make sure you blog about the thing you already stayed up too late to do.

You kook.

Suzy Smith said...

SO, were the banana bites tastey?

Heidi Jo said...

Suzy- Yes, they were!

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