NIFTY THRIFTY: wolfgang wrinkled my blanket edition

While my sister was here a couple weeks ago, we hit up a couple of thrift stores and I came away with all of these treasures. Hubby sarcastically calls them treasures because sometimes they aren't things that he cares for at all, but sometimes they really are treasures to me. :) I was particularly excited about these finds. The orange vintage sheet set, plaid boy overalls, and orange butterfly mug are for my vintage etsy shop that is in the works- I hope to have it up and running next month. Everything else is for my own enjoyment. I scored the 3 vintage stitched pieces of art, the vintage embroidery transfer pattern, the 1974 nautical calendar hanging, the wooden whale pencil holder, and a variety of other things including quite a few wooden toys for $4. Yeah. That was pretty darn exciting. The vintage heels need to be taken to a cobbler--- are they called that anymore? it sounds so "day of yore"--- but I love them. They're leather with wooden heels and I never find fun vintage shoes in my size (9.5 pre-baby... 10 post-baby). I'm trying to spice up my wardrobe by wearing more heels so these are a perfect addition. The blanket is probably my favorite find from the bunch. It's wool and quite huge and I just love the stripes. I'm a sucker for interesting blankets, especially big 'ol warm ones. Don't mind the wrinkles. As the story goes, I had the blanket hanging to dry at my parents' house and my dad got up to get ready for work at 3am and ran into the drying rack and proceeded to knock it over and break it, so my blanket finished drying on the ground. Classic Wolfgang. Oh, that's my dad's name. Awesome, I know.

My sister-in-law and I are going thrifting tomorrow, but I am lacking money right now so hopefully I can find something fun with my bag of change. You think I'm kidding--- I'm not. Luckily thrift shopping is the perfect thing to do with a bag of change.

If you want to check out other bloggers' thrifted treasures, check out Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Mondays and if you have treasures to share, link up on her posts. I love seeing what other people score!


KayteeJanes House said...

Great post! I had to laugh when you said that all you had to spend was change. I've been there! It doesn't stop me from going to thrift stores either. Glad to meet you and to find your blog :)

modernmom said...

Those shoes are rockin'!! GREAT finds. Don'tcha love a good thrifting day?! :)

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Wow! Nice hunting!

Love it all..

Cece's Mommy said...

Those orange sheets are awesome!

Van said...

A bag of change while thrifting can yield a plethora of finds- you can do it!

I LOVE the whale, the calendar with the boat and whale, the shoes...awesome finds!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Please let me know if you ever sell the whale pencil holder or the embroidered picture of the circles/flowers-- love both of them!

Am shocked at how cheap your thrift stores are, prices have gotten pretty high here in Chicago.

I definitely use my 'bag of change' when going to garage sales-- gets rid of the change and helps me keep to a budget.

Brittany said...

The whale pencil holder was a spectacular find! And I, too, have a weakness for wool blankets...your's is just wonderful!

Heidi Jo said...

KayteeJane- Glad to meet you too. I'm glad it's possible to thrift with change although I'm afraid the cashiers are not terribly happy when they see my bag of change. :)

modernmom- Thanks! I love them!

OP SHOP MAMA- Thanks! It was a good day!

Cece's Mommy- Aren't they? I couldn't pass them up but they don't look just right in my house so I hope they find a good home!

Van- Thanks! Those things are my favorites too. :)

Leilani- I'll let you know but they both have found spots in my house so they'll be living here for a while. Some of our thrift stores aren't as cheap, but there is one where they have bins of stuff- some good, some crap- and you take your lot to them and they throw out a cheap price. It's amazing!

Brittany- You can never have too many wool blankets. :)

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