a SLURPEE-LESS weekend: highs and lows

Our scary shed.

My amazing man made tempura!

Spotted on the way out of the park. Awesome.

A peek at today's activity. She loved it.

I hope you had a wonderful almost summer weekend. Praise the Lord, it was actually sunny. Hubby and I brutally went through all of our shedly possessions and made a mountain of things to sell at a garage sale or give away. It is so freeing to give up things that I "might use some day"--- my excuse for keeping things years beyond I need to. The shed was full of those sorts of things. But now it is organized and almost every box has been gone through and purged. The climax of the shed organizing was finding a rodent nest full of half eaten walnuts. I freaked out and texted hubby. Fast forward 15 minutes later. I went to pull a bag off of a shelf and noticed a huge hairy thing dragging behind it! AH! I danced around a bit, flinging my arms around as I screamed. Ugh. It still gives me the heebie jeebie's to think about it. Hubby eventually came home and cleaned up for me. We decided the deceased animal was a baby possum. Awww, sad. And ICK.

The downside to the weekend besides the dead mega-rodent? Blue Valentine. That movie was super hyped and I knew it was about a breakup but wow. There were not enough happy parts to make up for all the sadness. When it ended hubby and I were down in the dumps. I am not a fan of bummer movies.

The upside to the weekend besides our happy shed was that on Sunday we had our first family outing to the park. The babe loved it. She climbed some play structure steps, slid down the slide with our help, played with bark and said "hi" to dogs. That's pretty much the greatest day ever for an almost 14 month old. And maybe for me too- if you throw in a slurpee- which I didn't get. Next time, hubby. Next time.

So please, tell me, when was the last time you had a slurpee? Because we all the know that's what you are thinking about right now.


Hubby said...

Maybe we can go on a slurpee date sometime to make up for the weekend slurpeelessness. Maybe.

I love these pics!

Corynne Escalante said...

i totally was thinking about slurpees by the end! you're good. i think my last slurpee was last summer... <3

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