NIFTY THRIFTY: lake county edition

This last weekend our little family headed to Clear Lake with my parents and my sister's family. I will have photos and stories at some point, but for now, I am here to share my Lake County loot. On Saturday the men folk went fishing and us women folk took the opportunity to visit some yard sales. We followed every yard sale sign we could find and ended up at some interesting little sales. The $7 8 Fire King cups and saucers and $1 loaf pan came from the first sale that was the most normal of the bunch. Next we hit up a tiny neighborhood church's rummage sale where I picked up the vintage Pyrex pitcher for 50 cents. Then we followed 6 signs to a little, but very well publicized yard sale where I found the 4 trays for $3. On our way there we found a huge gorgeous, abandoned white hotel smack in the middle of the shady neighborhood. When we got to the sale, my sister asked the hotel's history and we were told it was once a hotel, then a Christian camp, then- said in hushed tones- a whore house where they brought whores in from San Francisco, and now they are fixing it up to be a culinary school. Ha! Quite the history for one beautiful building. The next sale we went to took us to the lower income side of the low income neighborhood we were already shopping in. A quiet older man with long fingernails watched as we picked through his things. It was there that I found the milk glass ash trays/candy bowls and a vintage Fisher Price chime ball, not pictured, for $5. The last sale we hit up appeared to be an eviction sale. Everything was hurriedly being thrown out of the house and the sale was manned by 3 girls under the age of 7 or 8. There were piles of things scattered everywhere and it was not intended to be the least bit organized. Their pit bull visited my mom while she was holding my little babe and it was some time after that that we decided to leave. I left empty-handed. All in all, I was happy with all of my Lake County treasures and very entertained by the whole experience. Lake County, you never disappoint.


Hubby said...

Crookedshmooked, you never disappoint.

Like even more never than Lake County.

Anonymous said...

My kind of weekend and not too different from my weekend. :)

small + friendly said...

I love how you captured the "local flavor" of Lake County ... hilarious.

Ruby Gray's said...

Ah, those tea cups remind me of my grandma.

Savannah said...

I have 2 of those IDENTICAL green tins with the flowers. I love them!

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