a TURNTABLE for dreamers

I have been wanting a turntable for a good long while. There are warm memories associated with my childhood-- listening to 40 Funky Hits and Get Smart episodes and thinking I was the coolest kid ever-- and I think there's something beautiful about watching the records spin and listening to the crackles and pops as the needle hits imperfect ridges. I've thought about looking at garage sales and thrift stores or stealing ma and pop's that I know they haven't used since I was a teen, but I know, if I had the option, this Barky Turntable would be perfect. It's probably not the best investment since I want a turntable mostly for nostalgia's sake rather than to play all my music on, but a girl can dream... and luckily, dreams don't have to be practical.

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sikegami said...

What a great turn table! I have never seen one like this, so earthy! I agree, there is something fantastic about setting the needle and hearing the classics on vinyl. I root for your dreams to come true!

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